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What are lean hogs futures?

Lean Hogs futures (HE) at CME Group allow you the opportunity to profit from or hedge against the price movements of this meat. Hogs give birth to large litters and can grow to a slaughter weight of 250 pounds in a mere six months. A slaughtered hog yields approximately 90 pounds of lean pork.

How did the CME lean hog index perform on May 15?

The CME Lean Hog Index was up another 37 cents on May 15 at $92.13. Weekly Commitment of Traders data showed specs in lean hog futures and options cutting another 9,043 contracts from their net long position as of 5/14. They held a net long of 56,128 contracts as of Tuesday, a 12-week low.

When are lean hog prices highest?

Lean Hogs prices tend to be highest May and July. Get an overview of Lean Hog futures at CME Group, including contract details, reports to watch for trading data, and more.

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