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What's new in character AI?

Pinned Memories: Ensure your AI friends remember the moments that matter most. Character Voice: Your favorite characters are now available to everyone and are ready to chat out loud! New Website: Character AI’s online home just got a major glow-up. Chat Settings: Choose your chat style — Default, Classic, or Dense.

Does character AI have a new website?

This is a massive leap forward in AI chatbot technology, and Character AI is leading the charge. Character AI has given their online presence a major facelift with the launch of their new website. The redesigned site boasts a sleek, modern interface that streamlines navigation and enhances user experience.

What is character AI?

At the heart of Character AI’s cutting-edge platform lies a sophisticated AI model that powers every interaction. The research team is constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, working tirelessly to enhance the AI model’s understanding, responsiveness, and overall conversational quality.

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