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What is a futures contract & how does it work?

Futures contracts let traders fix the price of the asset in the contract. This asset can be any commonly traded commodity like oil, gold, silver, corn, sugar, and cotton. The underlying asset can also be shares, currency pairs, cryptocurrency, and treasury bonds. A futures contract would lock in the price of any of these assets at a future date.

What is mexc futures trading terminal?

MEXC Futures Trading Terminal provides all required tools for every trader for free. Terminal is user-friendly and provides all needed information at a glance. 1 The menu bar at the top allows you to pick the trading pair of futures that you want to trade. 2 The bottom part of the screen holds your position and order details

What are tradeable futures contracts?

There are tradeable futures contracts for almost any commodity imaginable, such as grain, livestock, energy, currencies, and even securities. In the United States, futures contracts are regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

What are Forex futures & how do they work?

Forex futures, or currency futures, specify the price you can buy one currency for using another on a future date. They’re exchange-traded, which makes it less flexible than normal FX trading – which is over the counter – and a much smaller market.

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