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Is bitdeer a scam?

Bitdeer is a scam AVOID AT ALL COST, I lost nearly $4000 worth of Bitcoins because of them. They have written in their contract that if there is a payment malfunction, they reserve the right to refund you in USD equivalent of Bitcoin at the time, NOT the amount of Bitcoins you lost.

Is bitdeer a good company?

Bitdeer is a reputable company with a close relationship with Bitmain. It offers transparent operations and users can monitor the output of the cloud computing services. Bitdeer makes mining easier for miners without requiring them to purchase expensive hardware. It also offers an affiliate program through which users can earn BTC incentives.

What is bitdeer group?

Bitdeer Group acts as an agent between you and the Mining communities. It forms a growing number of partnerships, including collaborations with US mining farms and mining pools, such as, ViaBTC, AntPool, and Dpool, which make mining digital assets for Bitdeer’s users more flexible.

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