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Who is Benadryl Hat Man?

The Hat Man is a fictional figure that started appearing on certain internet sites in the early 2000s that has recently been referred to as the “ Benadryl Hat Man” after reports of people hallucinating and sighting him after overconsumption or abuse of Benadryl. Most of these reports have appeared on Reddit or the image-based bulletin site 4chan.

Why does Chloe eat Benadryl pills?

Not fully paying attention to what she was doing – pouring Benadryl pills into her hand to give her anxious pup before fireworks – Chloe, in mid-chat, just pops the handful of sleepy-time pills into her mouth and swallows. Once she realized what she just did, a calm panic-filled journey joined the chat.

Could a hat man be an inter-dimensional being?

Patrick James, whose videos on subjects like UFOs and haunted houses reach nearly 300,000 followers, hypothesized that the Hat Man could be an inter-dimensional being.

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