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Who is Benadryl Hat Man?

The Hat Man is a fictional figure that started appearing on certain internet sites in the early 2000s that has recently been referred to as the “ Benadryl Hat Man” after reports of people hallucinating and sighting him after overconsumption or abuse of Benadryl. Most of these reports have appeared on Reddit or the image-based bulletin site 4chan.

Is there a 'Benadryl challenge'?

There have been reports of a concerning trend known as the “Benadryl Challenge” or “Benadryl Trip,” where some young individuals were allegedly misusing or abusing Benadryl to experience hallucinations and altered states of consciousness in attempts to see the hat man.

How can I confirm the Hatman?

You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. The Hatman, sometimes called The Hat Man or The Darkman, is a fictitious and dark character commonly associated with visions seen during sleep paralysis, schizophrenic hallucinations or by DPH and deliriant abusers.

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