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What is a based meme?

A based meme is a meme that is particularly popular or well-liked. The “based meme” is a popular meme that is often used to describe someone who is considered to be cool or awesome.

What is a based department meme?

Funny How? meme. What Is The Based Department? The based department is a fictitious organization often used as a reaction meme to indicate someone's acknowledgment of a fact or opinion as based. The meme is sometimes in the form of a cell phone screenshot, where they can be seen receiving a call from the so-called "based department."

Who is behind the meme?

Hello internet, and welcome to Behind the Meme! Today we're gonna look at [meme name]! Kyle "Ky" Bryce, better known online as Behind The Meme, is an American YouTuber who is notably known for documenting the history of internet memes. The premise of Behind The Meme’s channel is to explain the origins of popular memes and trends.

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