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What are non-marginable trades?

Non-marginable trades are subject to cash account rules, not margin account rules. Short Sales of non-marginable securities will reduce the DTBP by an amount equal to the cost of the order multiplied by four. If DTBP is exceeded, a day trade margin call will be issued for the deficiency.

Can I trade on margin?

(Registered accounts are not permitted to trade on margin). How much interest will I be charged when using a margin account? The interest rate charged on borrowed funds changes over time and depends on the debit balance and the type of account you have.

What is an example of a margin credit?

For example, if you have money due to you from the execution of trades in your Margin account, the amount owed to you is displayed as a Margin Credit. If instead, you owe money from the execution of trades in your Margin account, the amount you owe is displayed as a Margin Debit.

What is margin buying power?

Margin buying power available to purchase securities that are not marginable (have a 100% margin requirement). The dollar amount allocated to pending orders that have not yet been executed (for example, Buy orders and short sale orders). The amount you have Committed to Open Orders decreases your Buying Power.

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