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How to participate in arbitrum airdrop?

The first thing to do to participate in Arbitrum Airdrop is to visit the Arbitrum airdrop page, where you can connect your wallet with the Connect Wallet option. The connected wallet allows you to collect the airdrop tokens and carry out other activities and transactions on the platform.

How do I determine my airdrop eligibility?

Visit the official Arbitrum website to determine your airdrop eligibility. Input your wallet address into the tool, and you will receive a confirmation regarding your eligibility status. This user-friendly method streamlines the process, saving time and effort.

What is the minimum airdrop entitlement?

If an address only became fully eligible (minimum of three points) post-nitro, all points scored counted as post-nitro points. Thus, the minimum airdrop entitlement is 625 tokens, half of the minimum entitlement in the table above; the maximum airdrop entitlement is 10250 tokens.

How many tokens are eligible for the airdrop?

The number of tokens users are entitled to in the airdrop depends on how many points they earned. Users with fewer than 3 points are not eligible for the airdrop, while those with 12 or more points are entitled to 10,250 tokens. Users who scored 3-11 points will receive between 1,250 and 7,250 tokens.

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