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When is arbitrum airdrop?

After much anticipation, Arbitrum finally announced its token, ARB, and its airdrop on March 16, 2023, with the token to go live the following week on March 23, 2023, when block 16890400 on Ethereum mainnet is mined. Let’s dive into the details. Who Is Eligible for the Airdrop?

When did airdrop rumors come out?

Airdrop rumors already surfaced initially in 2021 on the launch of Arbitrum, and then later again in 2022 when Arbitrum launched Arbitrum Odyssey, a series of quests on Arbitrum. However, the rumors came to full swing in early 2023 as bullish sentiment began to re-emerge in the markets again.

How much Arb has been set aside for airdrop?

A total amount of 1.162 billion ARB has been set aside for the airdrop which can be claimed beginning on the 23rd of March. Here’s a comprehensive in-depth guide on how you can check your eligibility and eventually claim the ARB token.

What is a free cryptocurrencies airdrop?

Free cryptocurrencies are shared with eligible users during airdrops based on certain criteria. The event, which incentivizes users and potential users to use a platform or token, aims to help the token get adopted early. The Arbitrum (ARB) token airdrop is just about to take place, and this is how you can claim your ARB safely.

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