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What is arbitrum airdrop?

The ARB airdrop marks a pivotal moment for Arbitrum and the entire Ethereum ecosystem. It will enable users and developers to participate in Arbitrum’s governance and earn rewards for their contributions. Pro-rata distribution of ARB tokens to all eligible users and developers. Listing of ARB token on multiple exchanges following the airdrop.

How do I claim arbitrum airdrop tokens?

Visit the Arbitrum airdrop claim page. Connect your wallet. Now click on “Check Eligibility”. If you’re eligible then click on “Start claiming”. Now select a delegator or delegate it to yourself to claim the tokens. Multiple qualifying actions were taken into account to determine the eligibility of a user.

How much Arb has been allocated for the airdrop?

A total of 1.162 Billion ARB has been allocated for the airdrop. The claim will go live on March 23rd and see the steps below to check whether you’re eligible to receive one of the biggest airdrops ever. ARB will be listed on Binance when the claim goes live so that the users can trade immediately.

When did airdrop rumors come out?

Airdrop rumors already surfaced initially in 2021 on the launch of Arbitrum, and then later again in 2022 when Arbitrum launched Arbitrum Odyssey, a series of quests on Arbitrum. However, the rumors came to full swing in early 2023 as bullish sentiment began to re-emerge in the markets again.

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