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What is arbitrum network airdrop?

The event, which incentivizes users and potential users to use a platform or token, aims to help the token get adopted early. The Arbitrum (ARB) token airdrop is just about to take place, and this is how you can claim your ARB safely. When Is the Arbitrum Network Airdrop?

What are arbitrum airdrop criteria?

Arbitrum designed a set of criteria to determine users who would be eligible for the airdrop and the size of each user’s airdrop. The airdrop criteria includes: Source: Arbitrum Foundation ( link) Each criterion is further broken down into several bands granting larger airdrops for achieving a higher band.

How to participate in arbitrum airdrop?

The first thing to do to participate in Arbitrum Airdrop is to visit the Arbitrum airdrop page, where you can connect your wallet with the Connect Wallet option. The connected wallet allows you to collect the airdrop tokens and carry out other activities and transactions on the platform.

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