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What is the arbitrum airdrop?

The Arbitrum airdrop is a strategy that Arbitrum will use to distribute its ARB tokens to its users. This will help Arbitrum officially launch its native token and spearhead its circulation to early adopters.

What are airdrops and how do they work?

Airdrops are a way to encourage users to interact with the protocol by rewarding users who have fulfilled certain requirements with a token that is dropped directly into their wallets. Arbitrum is the most hyped protocol right now for airdrop hunters as they have repeatedly hinted about their airdrops.

Will there be future airdrops?

There will also be future airdrops for users who continue to use the Arbitrum ecosystem similar to the Optimsm airdrop. So continue using dApps built on Arbitrum like Vela Exchange and GMX to receive future airdrops. For more information regarding the airdrop, see this page and this Medium article.

What is the airdrop entitlement?

The minimum airdrop entitlement is 625 tokens. The maximum airdrop entitlement is 10250 tokens. To prevent bots from taking advantage of the airdrop, a number of anti-Sybil rules were established: If an airdrop recipient's wallet transactions have all occurred within a 48-hour period, one point is subtracted.

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