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What is Amazon stock price prediction for 2030?

Coin Price Forecast’s Amazon stock prediction for 2030 was at $7,019. When looking at Amazon's future stock price, it’s important to bear in mind that analysts’ forecasts and price targets can be wrong. Analysts’ Amazon stock price predictions are based on making fundamental and technical studies of the stock’s performance.

Will Amazon (AMZN) stock reach $530 in 2030?

According to the conservative prediction we are working with, Amazon stock is expected to be valued at $6,865 per share by mid-2030. The AMZN stock could potentially rise to $530 by the end of 2030. We are expecting Amazon (AMZN) stock to reach the $520 mark in 2030. It can achieve that faster, though.

Will Amazon's downtrend continue in 2025?

The downtrend was forecast to possibly continue in 2025, with the average stock price falling between $106.68 to $311.87, then rebounding to $2045.28 to $3,555.10 in 2027. By 2028, the average stock price was forecast at $3,297.47, surging to $5,457.30 in 2029. The Amazon share price forecast 2030 was for $5,320.10.

What is Amazon (AMZN) stock price prediction for 2028?

For Amazon (AMZN) stock price prediction for 2028, we are going back to the reliable forecast by Longforecast. The website expects that the stock will continue to gain value and will be worth about $410 by mid-2028. It is also expected to gain more and reach $440 by the end of the year.

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