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Does Reykjavik have a shuttle bus service?

Airport Direct offers direct shuttle bus transfers from the airport to the hotels in Reykjavik, and there is now a similar service by Gray Line Premium – shuttle bus transfers. They both use smaller buses and therefore don’t have to waste time driving to a bus terminal first.

Is there an airport in Reykjavik?

While there is an airport for domestic flights located in Reykjavik, Iceland’s international airport is actually located in Keflavik roughly 45 minutes from the Reykjavik city center. Thankfully there are a number of comfortable options to get you to the city including riding the Flybus to Reykjavik or renting a car.

Where can I transfer from Keflavik to Reykjavik?

Look no further than Airport Direct for your Iceland airport transfer needs! With its reliable and convenient services, Airport Direct ensures a stress-free start to your journey from Keflavik to the Reykjavik City Center.

When was Reykjavik Airport built?

Construction began in October 1940, when the airport had only a grass surface. The Black Watch regiment built the first runway, constructing it over sunken oil barrels. The British Royal Air Force operated from the airport, then named RAF Reykjavik, from March 1941.

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