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Are there two airports in Iceland?

No, they are two different airports. Like almost every other country in the world, Iceland is not home to only one airport. For convenience, along with the Keflavik international airport, Iceland also contains several domestic airports.

What airport transfers are available in Reykjavik?

Airport Direct offers convenient and comfortable airport transfers in connection to all arriving and departing flight to and from Keflavik International Airport and all major hotels in Reykjavik. Suggest edits to improve what we show. Explore different ways to experience this place.

How to get to Iceland from abroad?

From here you can unlock the rest of Iceland with short, easy flights. So, to reiterate, if you fly to Iceland from abroad, your scheduled flight will be landing at Keflavik International Airport or KEF. This airport is a 45-minute journey from Reykjavik city center and getting to and from the airport is easy.

Does Reykjavik have international flights?

Reykjavik city airport is the main domestic airport in Iceland with limited international flights. If you are looking for information about international flights please visit Keflavik international airport, our main gateway to and from Iceland. Today 24. July Flight nr. * The flight schedule is updated by the airlines and ground handling agents.

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