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How many Accenture shares did Accenture acquire In fiscal 2017?

During the fourth quarter of fiscal 2017, we acquired a total of 208,455 Accenture Holdings plc ordinary shares from current and former members of Accenture Leadership and their permitted transferees by means of purchase or redemption for cash, or employee forfeiture, as applicable.

How did Accenture perform in fiscal 2017?

In fiscal 2017, we significantly stepped up our pace of acquisitions, deploying approximately $1.7 billion across 37 transactions—nearly twice our investment in fiscal 2016—with the majority of our acquisitions in the New. For Accenture, acquisitions are an engine to drive organic growth by enhancing our diferentiation in the marketplace.

Is Accenture a competitive company?

Accenture operates in a highly competitive and rapidly changing global marketplace. We compete with a variety of organizations that offer services and solutions competitive with those we offer—but we believe no other company offers the full range of services at scale that Accenture does, which uniquely positions us in a highly competitive market.

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