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How do I trade ordinals?

Specific directions for trading Ordinals can be found at each respective marketplace; however, the process will usually look something like this: Create a Bitcoin wallet within an Ordinals marketplace or connect to one that has been used in the past. Make sure there is some bitcoin in the wallet to be used for trading.

What is an ordinal marketplace?

There are a few technical solutions in the background that marketplaces can decide to implement, but all in all, Ordinals marketplaces offer users a similar experience to purchasing Ethereum, Stacks, Polygon or Solana-based NFTs. Most Ordinal marketplaces use a PSBT solution to facilitate trading Ordinal NFTs.

What is an ordinal & why is it controversial?

The launch of Ordinals has been controversial in the Bitcoin community because some believe the activity to be similar to spam email. Unlike most previous iterations of NFTs, the image, video, audio, or other content associated with an Ordinal is inscribed directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain.

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