What is merchant token?

What is Merchant Token? Merchant Token as name suggest it is Merchant Payment protocol built on DeFi environment for consumer protection. Project is part of HIPS Payment groups, who is leading provider of e-commerce and mobile payment solution. Merchant Token will be governed by two main factor that include HIPS Merchant Protocol and Gateways.

What is the MTO token?

MTO token is native protocol token of hips merchant protocol, as this Token is based on ERC20 token standard on Ethereum Blockchain. MTO token holder gets participation in governance as community and also incentivized merchant ecosystem.

How to register for merchant token ICO sale?

Note: Merchant Token ICO Sale will be having 100 phases where prices will keeps increasing as phase changes. Step 2: Create account using your email address & Login into account Step 3: Now you have multiple inbuilt option including Coinbase Wallet, Visa, Mastercard or MasterCard.