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What does AUD/USD mean in forex?

AUD/USD is the forex ticker for the exchange rate between the Australian Dollar and US Dollar – the pair is also known as the Aussie. It tells traders how many US$ are needed to buy one AU$ in real time. The Aussie is the sixth-most-traded currency pair in the world – representing approximately 5% of all forex trades by volume.

What is audio analysis?

A type of sensory perception that occurs in much of the planet's fauna, audio analysis is a fundamental process of many living beings. Sounds made by the surrounding environment or other living beings provides input to the hearing mechanism, for which the listener's brain can interpret the sound and how it should respond.

What is audience analysis?

Audience analysis is the process of collecting as much information as possible about your audience to better understand who they are and what they care about. That’s a broad definition of audience analysis, and in practice it can take on a few different forms.

What does AUD/JPY mean?

AUD/JPY is the forex ticker representing the Australian Dollar against the Japanese Yen. It’s an extremely popular pairing for its relation to risk – it tends to fall in price when risk is perceived to be low and rise when risk is higher and market participants are looking for risk-off investments.

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