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What happened to AUD/USD?

The AUD/USD pair kept falling in the last few days, reaching a fresh multi-week low of 0.7263 on Friday, to close the trading week a handful of pips above it. EUR/USD rebounded during the American session and climbed to 1.0715 as the US Dollar retreated, accompanied by lower Treasury yields.

What does AUD/USD mean?

The result is a price corridor, usually enveloping the weekly close price from above and below, and serves as a measure of volatility. The AUD/USD pair tells the trader how many US dollars (the quote currency) are needed to purchase one Australian dollar (the base currency). This currency pair is also known as the "Aussie".

What factors affect Australian dollar forecasts?

Keep these types of factors in mind when reviewing Australian dollar forecasts. Oil, gold, iron ore, uranium, nickel and coal are heavily influential on GDP, and the demand for these resources by China and India, in particular, may affect the AUD exchange rate and forecasts.

What's going on with AUDUSD in 2023?

Don't miss our 2023 AUDUSD forecast! The Australian Dollar is facing headwinds yet again against the US Dollar, as the central bank divergence theme is back in play in early 2023.

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