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Why did AUD fluctuate in 2022?

In 2022, there was a fluctuation in the price of AUD, with ongoing global crises affecting the market significantly. The RBA said that Australia had a floating exchange rate, “meaning the movements in the Australian dollar exchange rate are determined by the demand for, and supply of, Australian dollars in the foreign exchange market”.

What is the AUD/USD exchange rate forecast for 2025?

WalletInvestor ’s algorithm-based Australian dollar forecast for 2025 as of 20 February saw the AUD/USD exchange rate closing the year at 0.691. WalletInvestor did not give an Australian dollar forecast for 2030 – the closest forecast to that date amounted to a potential rate of 0.7048 in late February 2028.

What does AUD/USD mean?

The result is a price corridor, usually enveloping the weekly close price from above and below, and serves as a measure of volatility. The AUD/USD pair tells the trader how many US dollars (the quote currency) are needed to purchase one Australian dollar (the base currency). This currency pair is also known as the "Aussie".

How will the Aud perform in the future?

It's extremely difficult to predict how any currency pair will perform in the future. Inflation, interest rate hikes and the threat of a recession all have the potential to impact currency values here and overseas, while economic developments in China can also have a significant effect on the AUD's performance.

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