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How to convert CAD data?

All you have to do is select one or more CAD files and select the desired output format for the program to automatically convert you. This program is offered by one of the leading companies in the field of converting CAD data called Datakit to global markets. This program supports most 2d, 3d, native and natural formats of CAD systems.

How to convert STL to 2-D in AutoCAD?

The STL file format is very common and supported by most CAD software. In case of a planar STL geometry, the toolbox converts it to a 2-D geometry by mapping it to the X-Y plane. Reconstruct a geometry from a mesh by using geometryFromMesh .

What are the features of CAD version converter?

Features:. CAD version converter, can convert CAD files to lower or higher versions, and use lower version CAD software to open higher version CAD drawings. Users only need to upload the CAD file, select the version format to be converted, and we will convert with one click.

What is new in FreeCAD 0.20.1?

The FreeCAD team is happy to announce the release of FreeCAD 0.20.1! This is a maintenance release of the FreeCAD 0.20 series. (Usually a maintenance release brings no new features. However, FreeCAD 0.20.1 is an exception in respect to the FEM workbench and there only for the support of the solver "Elmer".

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