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What is Accenture blockchain?

Accenture blockchain is pioneering transparent and secure business processes across the globe. Learn about our blockchain insights, capabilities, and services.

What does Accenture think about Web3?

In the World Economic Forum 2023, currently held in Davos, consulting and IT services giant Accenture's Senior Managing Director, David Treat, spoke at length about crypto and web3 and Accenture's views about the space. He revealed that Accenture favoured web3 and its benefits and was 'leaning heavily' towards its potential.

What does Accenture do?

Accenture discovers data sharing powered by blockchain and multiparty systems to help build trust in a new digital world. Explore some of our most inspiring collaborations with enterprises, governments and NGOs dedicated to positive social impact.

What is Accenture's biometrics & blockchain-based proof of identity?

Accenture’s biometrics and blockchain-based proof of identity give users mobility, security, control and new tools for verification and compliance. Learn more.

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