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What is a crypto Bull Run?

A crypto bull run is a market period when the prices of any crypto asset are stable and consistently rising. The Crypto bull run, or “bullish crypto market,” denotes a stable market period when the prices of cryptocurrency are consistently rising without witnessing any downward price movement.

Could a 2023 crypto Bull Run send bitcoin to the Moon?

The good news is that all signs point towards a 2023 crypto bull run that could send Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies soaring to the moon again.

Will crypto rise in USDT in the next Bull Run?

In the next bull run crypto of all types will rise in USDT value, but some more than others if they outperform BTC and have their own use cases and potential for mass adoption. The above cryptos are our picks for the best coins to buy for the next crypto bull run – none are meme coins that rely on Elon Musk tweets or pure hype and speculation.

Will the next bitcoin Bull Run happen out of nowhere?

The next Bitcoin bull run will not happen out of nowhere. There is a setup of reasons shaping the market sentiment into a bull run. The economic crisis of 2013 on Cyprus and the one resulting out of COVID-19 in 2020 taught us that people start looking into non-traditional types of investment when the traditional systems crash.

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