You can now deposit and withdraw USDC on BTCC


USDC deposits and withdrawals are now available on BTCC. Give it a try today!


When you deposit USDC-ERC20 or USDC-TRC20 to your BTCC account, the system will automatically convert USDC to USDT with the exchange rate of 1:1 and there will not be any conversion fees or losses during the process. You can trade with USDT or convert it to other cryptocurrencies.


When you make a withdrawal, you can choose to withdraw USDC.


This new USDC option is available on our app with version 5.9.1 and above. Please go to the App Store/Google Play to update the app if you have not done so.


The fees and requirements for deposits and withdrawals in various currencies are as follows:



The fees and requirements will be adjusted based on the price fluctuations and blockchain congestion. The above table is for reference only. Please refer to the actual deposit and withdrawal fees and requirements on our app or web platform. You may also check such information in real time on the deposit and withdrawal pages. Thank you.