Yeti Yacht Club Presents New Comprehensive NFT Project

06/20/2022By: C, Fiona

As predicted by Yeti Yacht Club, its NFT environment may catch up with the best products on the market. NFT means “unfungible token”. The combination of this word will only complicate a simple concept. In short, NFT is a very rare and valuable digital property. Blockchain based NFT can be anything from video to GIF to audio clips.

NFTs can be found on Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), Solana (SOL) and Avalanche (AVAX). Since the launch of Yeti Yacht Club, its founder has disclosed various additional aspects of the project.

Team Profile

Considering the current situation of NFT, it is very important for a project to have a group of great people working for it. Some people who work in Yeti yacht club are very famous in their field. Many of them have even made speeches at the famous Ted talk conference. Some people in the group are famous and important in the online world. When you think that Yeti yacht club wants to let investors into the VIP world, it is not surprising that some celebrities are on its team.

Launch a New Project in the Market

The “club” will play an important role in the team’s goals and will be the focus of this initiative. People can participate in various club activities throughout the year. The owners of Yeti NFT will be allowed to enter this exclusive group.

Members of the club will have access to various resources. A huge yacht that can hold 600 people is one of the features we have heard so far. According to the planning team, this trip will have everything.

As an additional benefit, members of Yeti yacht club can choose to rent the whole island for vacation. The group has chosen to hold annual gatherings for its members, including VIPs.

Announce Reservation for Club Med 2

The organization recently announced that the project activity will be held on the club med 2 luxury cruise ship. Club Med owns this large sail ketch, which will be the ship of the exploration team.
In 1992, the ship made its maiden voyage from Le Havre port in France for the first time. If you travel to the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, you may have seen this cruise ship on the horizon.

An MMO Game and a Metaverse Feature are the Next Steps

Yeti yacht club will have an MMO game and a metaverse system developed by Sapphire studio, which is the manufacturer of numerous MMOs. Sapphire studio intends to expand in the game making (p2e) market by providing diversified rewards to players. An all-star team composed of game players, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and gold enthusiasts formed the sapphire studio in the blink of an eye. After spending a lot of time and money developing MMO, they decided to publish their project.

Clean up All This

For those who follow NFT, it is no secret that the idea of the boring ape man yacht club has achieved great success. As predicted by Yeti Yacht Club, its NFT environment may catch up with the best products on the market. You can learn more about this new concept by visiting Yeti yacht club’s official website or social media pages (discord, twitter).