What’s next for SOL price with the collapse of Solana on-chain activity


Solana is suffering after the collapse of FTX, as its activity has plummeted. The SOL price is also looking extremely weak at the moment.


On Dec. 15, DeFi and web3 research firm Yield App Labs reported on the sorry state of the Solana network.


“Despite the community showing resilience, the network itself is struggling,” it stated. The once touted ‘Ethereum killer‘ is now practically dead in terms of on-chain activity.


It added that the daily total moved on-chain for Solana is down a whopping 98.8%.


On-chain volume averaged around $65 billion per day at the beginning of September. It has now slumped to a daily average of just $742 million per day, according to data from The Block.


Sluggish Solana Statistics

Additionally, daily Solana transactions have decreased from around 35 million in September to around 18 million today. Transactions have slumped up almost 50% in just three months. Comparatively, Ethereum transactions have fallen by roughly 16% over the same period.


Furthermore, daily active wallets on-chain are down 59%, the report added. Solana averaged around 852,000 daily active wallets at the beginning of September, and that figure has fallen to roughly 364,000 active wallets. Additionally, new daily addresses on the network have almost halved over the past couple of months.


Decentralized finance (DeFi) on Solana is also a dead duck. The total value locked has crashed from $1.4 billion to around $400 million since the beginning of September. The 70% slump has added to the epic crash from its $10 billion all-time high TVL in November 2021, according to DeFiLlama.


Yield App Labs concluded that concerns over developer retention are mounting:


“There are concerns surrounding Solana’s long-term competitiveness on a technical level, and there are worries if the dev and user communities will choose to remain on Solana for the coming months and years in the bear market following the FTX fiasco.”


It added that the removal of the FTX and Alameda baggage could result in a more decentralized and equitable network.



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SOL price 

Solana’s native coin has been battered along with its network. SOL lost 2% on the day and was lulling around the $14 level at the time of press.


The coin has lost more than 60% since the FTX collapse in early November. Meanwhile, the rest of the crypto market has recovered slightly and entered a phase of consolidation.


SOL prices are currently down as much as 94.6% from a high of $260 in November 2021.



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