The Largest Cryptocurrency Hacker Attack, Bitcoin Fluctuation and Azuki Airdrop

04/02/2022By: C, Fiona

This week is particularly exciting, full of many events in all aspects. From Azuki Airdrop to  Ronin bridge hacking — there are no boring days in cryptocurrency.

This week has been eventful in all respects. The market has experienced considerable volatility, and fortunately – it has risen in most cases. One of the most popular NFT series – Azuki – also airdropped additional NFT to its holders, and expectations and speculation more or less doubled its value. All this, while Axie infinity’s Ronin bridge has been utilized for about $600 million, it is easy to become the largest cryptocurrency hacker in history. Let’s analyze it.

At this time last week, the transaction price of bitcoin was about $44000, but it didn’t take much. Cryptocurrency began to rise. The price has risen to $48000 on Monday night. Market participants cannot move BTC in any direction. All this changed on Thursday, but unfortunately, the bear market took over and pushed the price back to $45000, where it is currently trading.

Crypto Market Value

The rest of the market follows in the footsteps of bitcoin, with some notable exceptions. Ethereum rose about 8%, BNB – about 5%, and AVAX- 8%. Due to the news of Opensea integration, Solana successfully increased by up to 26%, while Luna increased by 10.9%, because do Kwon doesn’t seem to be keen to stop buying bitcoin.

Meanwhile,  Axie infinity’s Ronin bridge was utilized, worth up to $600 million. Sam Peurifoy, the leader of Kapital Dao of Axie infinity, even suggested that they might sell part of their equity to raise the necessary funds to repay all users.

Entering the NFT field this week, Azuki series grabbed the limelight, surpassing all other products in terms of reserve price rise and overall trading volume. This is because the team airdropped the “official things” series to Azuki holders. Its current reserve price is 4.3 ETH, worth more than $13000.