Tamadoge Will List on the LBank Exchange-TAMA Presale is Selling Rapidly


The Tamadoge NFT play-to-earn meme coin will soon be listed on the LBank market, according to recent news. During its presale period, Tamadoge has already attracted $3.8 million from investors seeking out the next viral cryptocurrency.

That the project has gained LBank’s listing before the presale has even finished speaks volumes about its legitimacy and potential for success. Trading volume on LBank averages $1 billion per day, placing it in the top 15 of centralized exchanges. The exchange is headquartered in Hong Kong and serves clients all around the world.

Presale tickets for TAMA are going fast, and LBank will be offering them soon

Token sales for the ongoing Tamadoge presale are in their third round, with 58.6 million still to be sold at a pricing of 1 USDT = 66.7 TAMA. Presale sales have reached 340 million tokens on a 1 billion token target.

The first 200,000,000 tokens were sold at a price of $0.015 (1 USDT = 100 TAMA), whereas the second 100,000,000 tokens were sold at a price of $80 TAMA, a 25% increase.

In the current third phase, the token costs 1 USDT to 66.7 TAMA.

As of right now, 58 million of the 100 million tokens available for purchase in this tranche remain unsold, at which point the price will climb to 1 USDT = 57.14 TAMA.


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Why is Tamadoge different from other meme coins?

Tamadoge is at the forefront of a new generation of meme coins that provide their owners access to genuine wealth and convenience. The Tamadoge Pet is the centerpiece of the Tamadoge platform, which hosts a variety of game options. If a player takes good care of their pet, or “parents” it, they will be rewarded.

The greatest pet owners will be rewarded by seeing their animals rise in the rankings. Moreover, the pets can compete against one another in combat. Play-to-earn game mechanisms built on NFTs allow players to not only have fun but also earn prizes as they go through the game, elevating it above merely being a “play to earn” game in which players simply complete mundane P2E activities.

We hope to have the Tamadoge Petstore open for business and the leaderboards functioning by the end of the year. Half of the total 2 billion TAMA tokens will be sold in the presale.

The unique P2E mechanics of Tamadoge aren’t the only reason the game is gaining attention; the game’s ultimate goal is to enter the metaverse. Next year, we’ll release an augmented reality app and start actively pursuing collaborations with metaverse platforms in the first half of 2023.

The 3D avatar versions of your Tamadoge pets will be compatible with a wide variety of metaverse MMORPGs.

As the price of Shiba Inus rises, this is great news for Tamadoge

As one of the most popular developments during the bull market, meme coins are making a comeback, and Tamadoge is set up perfectly to attract the attention of investors and industry leaders.

Over the past week, the SHIB coin representing Shiba Inus has increased in value by 23%. and costing a whopping $0.00001571 right now. Based on the success of similar meme coins in the past, Tamadoge’s launch on LBank and other exchanges could result in gains of over 100x.

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