Solana Wallet Hack: An Estimated $8million Was Stolen From 8,000 Solana Wallets

08/09/2022By: C, Fiona

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The Solana Twitter account recently posted a report on an 8 million dollar hack that occurred early on Tuesday morning, August 2nd, 2022, affecting 8000 wallets.

Solana coin, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies with a large and active community, is the latest victim of a crypto theft, with users alleging that funds from their wallets have been taken.

Approximately 7,767 wallets have been compromised by the hacker, which affected both mobile and extension wallets. Users who had been affected were advised to construct a new seed phrase rather than relying on their old one for security.

Victims of the breach were asked to fill out a survey in order for engineers to discover the cause of the attack.


Was Solana’s Data Hacked?

There were around 8,000 Solana wallets that were compromised in this hack by an unidentified user. Due to the fact that the victim’s wallet was online and hence accessible by the hacker, an estimated $8 million in solana was stolen in this attack.

“Emin Gün Sirer,” a cryptocurrency industry leader, claimed that a “Supply Chain Attack” tool was utilized by the hackers to gain access to the victims’ wallets. The private keys of users are stolen by this program.