Shibarium News: A Strong January for the Entire Shiba Inu Community


The entire Shiba Inu community had a strong January due to the news about Shibarium release date. See what the highlights from the month!


Shiba Inu Trading Volumes Increase as Shibarium Launch Looms

The Shiba Inu community is taking action following recent news that the Shibarium Layer-2 Public Beta Testnet is about to launch.


Key highlights of the Shiba Inu community in January:


  • Shiba Inu publishes“Introduction to Shibarium” on Jan. 15.
  • SHIB token is up 47 % in January, per CoinGecko.
  • BONE token – Shabirum native token – is also up 50% in January, per CoinGecko.
  • Trading volume for $SHIB is up 50% in January, per CoinMarketCap.
  • Over 400% increase in burned tokens via the Shibburnbetween January 30-31.
  • Binance Pay increases reach to over 9,000merchants globally who accept $SHIB.
  • Whale transactions hit over 620 daily tx of $100k or more on Jan. 18, per Into The Block. Also peaked over 100 daily tx again on Jan. 28.
  • Reached the top “Trending” spot on CertiK, CoinMarketCap, and more.
  • Shiba Inu team invited to SXSW Festival 2023to showcase Shibarium.


So far, there is no launch date for the Shibarium Layer-2 Public Beta Testnet, but it’s clear that Shiba Inu is attracting attention in the January bull market.


Shiba Inu is also trending on several popular coin trackers and resources. The token has generated enough buzz to be trending on CoinMarketCap, CertiK and other sites.



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