Shiba Eternity Game or Tamadoge Play-to-Earn App


Shiba Inu launched its new play-to-earn game ‘Shiba Eternity’ for testing on iOS by some Vietnam users, who shared gameplay footage to the Shiba Inu Discord, which has now entered crypto Twitter.

Shytoshi Kusama hinted on Twitter that next the Shiba Eternity game will be launched for beta testing by some players in Indonesia, and then eventually be made available to the global public.


Shiba Eternity Game – Player Review

The footage below is not particularly impressive for a crypto project with a $6.8 billion market capitalization – although the video footage is low resolution. That was shared by a Shiba Inu Discord member and reshared by crypto and NFT influencer @GossipShib.

Shiba Inu’s game takes the form of a trading card battle game, with hundreds of cards to collect. Two Shiba Inu doges face off in the clip in a square ‘Dogjo’, a play on ‘Dojo’.

Each player starts with three cards then draws more, although the gameplay mechanics and how to play Shiba Eternity in its alpha release isn’t 100% fully confirmed yet.

Reportedly the in-game currency ‘Kibble’ will be a rewards token earned while playing, alongside XP points. The short gameplay clip below looks better, shared by ‘game industry veteran’ @william_volk.



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Tamadoge NFT Game

Another upcoming NFT-based crypto game is Tamadoge, and its native play-to-earn token TAMA is on presale now at

Tamadoge pets are pixel NFT doges each with their own skills and attributes that players mint then nurture from baby to adult, feeding and training them.

Once ready, each player can then do battle with other Tamadoge pets in a similar turn-based combat style to the Shiba Eternity game – across a series of mini-games rather than just a Hearthstone style trading card game.

Even less gameplay footage is available for Tamadoge pets as it is so early in its roadmap – the concept art above is part of the whitepaper.

However that could give this new P2E game project more upside potential – similar to investing in Shiba Inu in 2020 before its bull run. The SHIB price has not reacted to its Shiba Eternity game making news headlines – trading sideways today at $0.0000124.

The TAMA token supply is low – 2 billion compared to the 1 quadrillion of Shiba Inu – with a deflationary element as 5% of Tamadoge pet related purchases is burnt, e.g. food to feed your Tamadoge pet.

The Tamadoge pets game and its TAMA presale are attracting a high level of early interest – approaching $3 million early seed round funding.

The project also plans to build a metaverse – the Tamaverse – and an initiative to acquire components in which players can become more active and earn free cryptocurrency by walking their Tamadoge pets using augmented reality (AR) headsets. The “M2E” component adds depth to the “Play and Earn” (P2E) mechanic.

Have you played the Shiba Eternity game or invested in TAMA presale? Why not have a try?


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