Optimism Quests: Earn NFTs by Completing Tasks on Optimism

09/28/2022By: L, Laura

Optimism rolled out the “Optimism Quests” on September 20 to improve the accessibility of its scaling solution. The goal of the program is to reward Optimism users with NFTs for understanding well-known applications installed on the Layer 2 scaling solution and completing related quizzes and tasks.


Optimism, a layer 2 (L2) blockchain, provides everything you like about Ethereum while speeding it up. It is fast, dependable, and scalable. Optimism crypto is a protocol that tests a sustainable ecosystem financing model using user revenue.


All sequencer earnings are donated to ecosystem initiatives in the form of backward-compatible public goods funding. Optimism Quests are a fun, informative, and satisfying way to explore the Optimism app ecosystem. Users can obtain a commemorative NFT that represents completing each quest by simply reading about various applications and completing a quick quiz and task.


Optimism Quests may encourage app discovery for a new user demographic: those who are interested in Optimism but would like more information on how apps work before downloading them. By satisfying this requirement, developers intend to increase the accessibility of Optimism.


How Does It Work?

For Season 1 of Optimism Quests, the network collaborated with Galxe to provide a seamless learn-to-earn experience. The three simple steps to earning NFTs on Optimism are as follows.


  1. Learn: Read the quiz at app.optimism.io/quests and then complete it.
  2. Complete the quest: Finish the quest: Completing the tasks on the partner app or website
  3. Earn NFTs: Once you have completed the assignment and updated your credentials for the relevant Galxe campaign, you can mint your NFT on Galxe. There are two qualifications.


A green credential indicates that you have completed the quest using your associated wallet address. If you are unable to receive the NFT, you can seek assistance in the Galxe Discord support channel. The presence of a blue credential indicates that you have not completed the quest at your associated wallet address.


Furthermore, before you can mint, some quests require the individual project staff to manually update the list of wallets that have completed their quest. If you have been waiting for more than a week, you can contact the relevant application team for assistance.


Optimism Quests Help Solve the Problems

The network interviewed Optimism users and discovered that one of the major barriers preventing people from exploring more of them is a lack of understanding of the various apps’ use cases. The Optimism community strongly desires to learn about new and unique applications. This problem is addressed by Optimism Quests, which introduces new users to some of the most popular apps in the Optimism ecosystem.


In the first season of Quests, they released 18 apps, including some of your favorite NFT and DeFi protocols. The network intends to gradually expand the ecosystem’s app selection. The network is looking for ways to improve ramps and simplify use cases to make Optimism more accessible. Optimism tasks can also help in this area. With Optimism tasks, users can earn NFTs while learning about well-known applications.


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