NFT Signals Telegram Teams With NFT Tracking Tool Tokun

08/18/2022By: L, Laura

NFT Signals and NFT tracking tool Tokun have partnered to cement a deeper relationship between the two programs and bring significant benefits to their users.


A Brief Glance at NFT Signals

NFT Signals is a group that provides NFT trading support and advice to help people get the most out of speculating in the NFT market.

Although they run a free Telegram which anyone can join, NFT Signals also sells access to information and advice about where the NFT market is going.

Their services include a minimum of five NFT tips each week, as well as recommendations on whether to go long or short the market.

NFT Signals not only provides tips and advice on trading strategies, but also teaches people how to use NFT at a basic level and puts a lot of effort into structuring educational content.

The VIP group at NFT Signals promises that speculators can “stay safe while flipping NFT” and “trade with confidence.” Of course, for those who have managed to do these things during a bull market, this is an amazing strategy.


About Tokun App

Tokun is a Web3 DApp that claims to be the ultimate partner for NFT traders.

The app allows users to more easily discover NFT projects and use automated strategies to trade and track them.

They currently have 24,149 sites on their website and have sold 669 passes. This partnership will certainly provide them with the exposure they need to significantly expand their business.


And What Does the Partnership Mean for NFT Signals?

This partnership is a huge opportunity for NFT Signals, who will receive regular AMAs in which the developers on the team will update the community weekly on the progress of the project.

Not only that, but NFT Signals will also receive an automatic whitelist of any future projects launched under the Token umbrella, and the partnership will be announced on social media as projects look to promote each other.

Tokun can benefit from the partnership by taking front page ads on more than 50 websites with over 4 million unique visitors per month and will offer Tokun members a 15% discount on all packages.


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