Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta Filed Eight Trademark Applications, Including Cryptocurrency Transactions

2022/03/28By: C, Fiona

Earlier, meta submitted a trademark application to Brazil’s National Industrial Property Office (NPI) a few months after announcing its successful rebranding. In order to further expand the metaverse field previously announced by the social media giant, Mark Zuckerberg’s meta company (formerly Facebook) is making a big push into virtual and encryption products because it has submitted trademark applications, including cryptocurrency transactions.

Meta Company Has Expanded Greatly in the field of Metaverse Through Trademark Application

As meta continues to focus on the expansion of meta space, the platform has submitted eight trademark applications, including cryptocurrency transactions, to register its logo. Among the eight trademarks, six are basically dedicated to cryptocurrency and blockchain based technology.

Michael kondoudis, a licensed veteran trademark lawyer, announced this in a recent tweet, disclosing information on all the projects involved in these applications. The tweet said:”Meta platforms has submitted eight trademark applications for its logo. These applications cover:

  • Encrypted token
  • Blockchain software
  • Virtual currency exchange
  • Financial + currency transactions
  • Digital currency, cryptocurrency and virtual currency “.

The new development marks a milestone as a starting point to help the social media giant take major risks in the field of virtual and cryptocurrency transactions. However, this clearly reflects the platform’s relaxation in achieving its goal of entering the meta world on a large scale.
Mr. Kondoudis acknowledged this after meta filed a new trademark with the U.S. patent and Trademark Office on March 18, 2022, he said.

“These applications reflect the company’s strategy to enter the meta universe. Meta clearly has major plans for the virtual economy and will promote its development.”

Change of Interest

It is reported that since the social media giant successfully changed its name from Facebook to meta, it has long revealed its interest in making a significant entry into meta space. This is also the inspiration for the new name “meta”. Therefore, meta has made similar moves before, because the report shows that this is not the first time meta has applied for trademark registration for cryptocurrency related products.

A few months after announcing its successful rebranding, meta submitted a trademark application to Brazil’s National Industrial Property Office (NPI). The platform has applied for the trademark and hopes to launch cryptocurrency related products and services, such as cryptocurrency trading, cryptocurrency wallet and cryptocurrency exchange business.

Meta Will Integrate NFT with Instagram

Recently, meta disclosed its plan to integrate NFTs into instagram, a popular social media platform. Commenting on this issue, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of meta, pointed out at a Sxsw meeting that he envisioned instagram users being able to cast their digital avatar clothes as NFTs.

Zuckerberg explained that because NFTs are unique encrypted tokens that exist on blockchains like Ethereum and mark ownership, NFTs will be included in the extensive filing of meta, covering any “encrypted tokens”.

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