Arizona State University Will Enter the Metaverse Field


Arizona State University may launch NFT depicting sports videos and event tickets. It also plans to hold lectures in metaverse. Arizona State University (ASU), one of the largest public universities in the United States, plans to join the metaverse and Web3 ecosystems. It also plans to issue non forgeable tokens (NFTs) to verify event tickets and certificates.

American Universities Will Teach in “Virtual Environment”

A series of trademark documents submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) show that the University’s future products may include NFTs and lectures in virtual reality.
ASU intends to issue digital collections for internal activities and such activities on student campuses. NFTs depicting the highlights of college sports are also expected to see the dawn. Another goal of the Institute is to conduct virtual courses, conferences and other projects in metaverse.

In a recent tweet, Josh Gerben, a trademark lawyer and founder of Gerben Perot, confirmed these rumors. With nearly 150000 students, American universities are one of the largest universities in the United States. The reason why it may jump into the metaverse space may be that in 2021 (because of the health measures around covid-19), nearly 60000 people passed their lectures and exams through “digital immersion”.


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Bitcoin is Proposed to be Used as Legal Tender in Arizona

Earlier this year, state senator Wendy Rogers highlighted the advantages of Bitcoin, such as its ability to operate independently of the central bank. She believed that the main cryptocurrency could provide some benefits to the financial system, and she proposed a bill to make it legal tender in Arizona.

A survey conducted by YouGov shows that if BTC becomes a formal payment method, nearly 30% of Americans will agree. Interestingly, residents of the western states (where Arizona is located) are more in favor of this potential law than people in other regions.

So far, El Salvador and the Central African Republic (car) are the only two regions that have declared Bitcoin as legal tender.

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