Aptos Coin Price Skyrockets 440% in January


Blockchain-based crypto Aptos has jumped 440% this month and is now trading at around $18. This price spike has been driven by a combination of increasing adoption, positive investor sentiment and the launch of its open mainnet.


Despite this massive increase in price, technical indicators suggest Aptos still has room to grow and could potentially reach $100 by the end of 2023.


In this article, we will explore why Aptos’ price is still likely to continue rising and how it could potentially reach $100 in the near future.


Binance Adds Aptos (APT) Support

Aptos made its official debut on Binance in December with the launch of its APT/USD pair. APT is also listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase, MEXC, Huobi, and OKX. Furthermore, Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced on January 20 the launch of four new liquidity pools for the Binance Liquid Swap: APT/BTC, APT/USDT, HFT/BTC, and HFT/USDT.


Different markets will be served by the new liquidity pools. The listing fee for new projects will increase from 1% to 3%, according to the statement.


The automated market maker approach was used to create the liquidity pool for Binance liquidity farming. It works in the same way as previous DeFi swaps in that it is made up of many liquidity pools, each with two tradable digital tokens. Furthermore, Binance’s announcement prompted an increase in APT prices.


Aptos-based non-fungible tokens are extremely popular. Aptos’ NFT marketplaces appear to have contributed to this growth. According to Topaz data, trade volume for Aptos NFT collections such as Aptos Toad Overload, the First Aptos NFT, and Aptos Monkeys reached tens of thousands.


The high volume of transactions on many of the top Aptos projects is revealed by Tracemove’s NFT list. Several well-known traders anticipate a surge in Aptos NFT interest in the coming days. It means that as more people became interested in Aptos-based NFT collections, the APT token’s value increased.



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PancakeSwap continues multichain deployment on Aptos

After user approval, PancakeSwap, the largest DEX on the BNB Chain, announced its implementation on the Aptos blockchain on January 7. It will enable PancakeSwap to continue its multichain deployment on Aptos, bringing the company one step closer to its goal of becoming a multichain, one-stop shop for all things DeFi.


According to DefiLlama statistics, PancakeSwap now has the majority of the value locked on Aptos. PanCakeSwap currently has $57.75 million in TVL, or 57.66% dominance, making it the leading DEX on the Aptos blockchain. The price of APT/USD spiked in the weeks following this news, indicating the start of an APT price increase.


Atomic Wallet begins supporting APT

Atomic Wallet, one of the most popular cold crypto wallets with over 3 million users, announced on January 13 that it would begin supporting APT. Atomic Wallet is the best place to keep your Aptos safe, and it only takes a few minutes to set up on your smartphone or laptop.


Furthermore, you can buy APT and trade it for other currencies directly from your Aptos wallet on Atomic, ensuring that your cryptocurrency is safe and under your sole control. The recent integration into Atomic Wallet boosted the value of the APT/USD.



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Aptos crypto price

The Aptos price is currently trading at $18 and has seen an increase of 1.5% in the last 24 hours. Its 24-hour trading volume stands at approximately $1.2 billion and ranks 26th on CoinMarketCap with a market capitalization of $2.9 billion.



On the technical front, the APT/USD pair is trading with a bullish bias, heading north toward the next resistance area of $20. A bullish breakout of $20 can expose APT to $24, and an additional breakout of $24 can push APT to $26.50.


While support continues to hold near the $15 or $12.50 level, extended by an uptrend line, let’s consider looking for buying on a bullish breakout above the $20 level.



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