New Listing: PEPE2.0 USDT-Margined Perpetual Futures


We are excited to announce that we have listed PEPE2.0 (Pepe 2.0), a new version of the popular memecoin PEPE. You can now trade the newly-added PEPE2.0 USDT-margined perpetual futures contract with up to 50x leverage on our app and web platforms. 

Contract Specifications

Below is a table showing the contract specifications of PEPE2.0.

PEPE2.0 contract specifications

What is PEPE2.0?

Source: Pepe 2.0’s official press release

Launched on 30 June 2023, PEPE2.0 is an improved version of PEPE, aiming to rectify previous missteps of the PEPE project, specifically the weekend launch of the memecoin and the unfortunate blacklisting of certain early investors. 

Drawing inspiration from the original PEPE token, PEPE2.0 emerges as a renewed iteration of the memecoin. With a captivating twist, it presents the iconic Pepe the Frog meme in a vibrant orange hue, marking a clear distinction between the new and the old.

Source: Pepe 2.0’s official press release

Since gaining attention in late June 2023, PEPE2.0 seeks to emulate the market success of its predecessor and is ready embark on a billion-dollar run. The project operates on a unique set of tokenomics that reward holders while maintaining a healthy ecosystem, as stated in the official press release

Different from the original PEPE project, PEPE2.0 implements a 1% tax, which will be allocated towards multiple initiatives, including community development, liquidity pool support, and marketing support.

Notably, the developers have renounced ownership of the smart contract address, meaning that no single entity has control over the token’s destiny, ensuring that the project remains community-driven and minimising the chances of a rug pull.

Source: Pepe 2.0’s official press release



Some fast facts about PEPE2.0:

  • PEPE2.0 is launched on the Ethereum network as an ERC-20 token.
  • Total supply: 420,690,000,000,000
  • Total market capitalization (as of 13 July 2023): $26.76M
  • PEPE2.0 surged 1,000% within 3 days on 6 July 2023, and it’s currently trading at the $0.0000000637 level (as of 13 July 2023).


Trade PEPE2.0 to share a prize pool of 110,000 USDT! 😎

Summer Carnival
Trade to share a 110,000 USDT prize pool

In this campaign, you will get 1 ticket (worth 2 USDT trading funds) for trading every 10,000 USDT in volume. Each user can get up to 100 tickets (equals 200 USDT trading funds) per day. Trading starts at 16:00 (UTC) every day, and tickets won will be credited to your account instantly once you meet the trading requirements. 

Some points to note for the campaign:

  • Currently, over 150 crypto futures are available on BTCC, and you can trade any of them in this campaign to be eligible for the rewards.
  • Registration for this campaign is required. Only trades with trading fees of more than 0 USDT made after the registration will be counted as valid trades for the campaign.
  • Trading funds can be used as margins for trading and to cover trading losses, trading fees, and funding fees when trading perpetual futures.


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