LUNC Penguins Launched on Terra Classic’s New NFT Marketplace MIATA

2022/12/06By: L, Laura

LUNC Penguins was launched on Terra Classic’s new NFT marketplace, MIATA, in hope of burning the LUNC supply. Can this pump up the LUNC price?


The NFT marketplace has always been a huge part of the success of the crypto industry. On November 14, the NFT space welcomed a new marketplace on the Terra Classic network – MIATA, on which another project, LUNC Penguins NFT collections, was also launched later. It is obvious that Terra Classic is doing all these in order to gain more ways to burn through the LUNC supply. So will the Terra Classic NFT marketplace pump up LUNC price? We’ll have to wait and see.


MIATA – Newly Launched NFT Marketplace on Terra Classic

Terra Classic network launched a new NFT marketplace, MIATA, on November 14. To share more details, LUNC DAO has organized a “ask me anything session” to discuss all the issues surrounding the launch.



Furthermore, the launch of MIATA will be followed by the minting of 2,000 MetaGloria digital collectibles that users can buy and sell on the platform.


The MetaGloria is a play-to-earn (P2E) game scheduled to launch on Terra Classic early next year. A team of Ukraine developers leads the project together with some crypto game enthusiasts. According to the website, the project aims to reduce the supply of Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) tokens and get as many gamers as possible into the crypto space.


In addition, the MetaGloria initiative will mint two collections of about 3000 NFTs, which will come with over 100 unique traits to match the different users of digital art. As soon as the project goes live, users will be able to burn the LUNC tokens by swapping it for the in-game asset, GLS token.


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LUNC Penguins Burn- Milestone Step in Terras Efforts to Burn the LUNC Supply

Besides MetaGloria NFT, another project, the LUNC Penguins NFT collections were also unveiled on MIATA platform.


According to the LUNC validator, who goes by the Twitter account @HappyCattyCrypto, the minting price for the 1,000 unique LUNC Penguins is 200,000 LUNC. As expected, the LUNC community is excited about the latest NFT project, because it represents another important milestone in the Terra Classic’s drive to ensure utility by creating more ways to burn LUNC.


Meanwhile, the latest launch of the MIATA NFT marketplace and LUNC Penguins project hasn’t yet had any positive effect on LUNC’s price movement. At press time, the price trades at $0.0001632, according to Coinmarketcap. However, it may be too early to see a price jump. Time will tell if the Terra Classic NFT marketplace will will lead to a spike in LUNC price.


For your information: The official LUNC burn wallet address is terra1sk06e3dyexuq4shw77y3dsv480xv42mq73anxu. You can also safely burn through the LUNCblaze burn portal.


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