Battle Infinity to List LBank– How Boost the IBAT Price ?

2022/08/25By: C, Fiona

The price of IBAT has skyrocketed in the past week, and the anticipated launch of the token on the LBank market might only increase those gains. The Battle Infinity blockchain gaming ecosystem uses IBAT as its own cryptocurrency. There are a number of play-to-earn (P2E) games available on the IBAT gaming platform.


Battle Infinity to List on LBank

The games take place in a metaverse arena known as the Battle Arena. Players of Battle Infinity may do more than just play games and take part in battles—they can also explore the vast Battle Infinity metaverse.

Battle Infinity’s Battle Arena is a social hub where users may engage in PvP, observe, and gather intel on one another. The native IBAT coin is becoming more widely used, and it is being listed on top cryptocurrency exchanges.

When looking for a good DeFi exchange, one that ranks high is PancakeSwap. Traders who missed out on the presale period can now purchase IBAT thanks to the listing on the marketplace.

Despite widespread market pessimism, IBAT’s first DEX offering (IDO) saw a price increase of almost 700%. It was a top-performing IDO that year. It’s possible that IBAT’s price will increase in the future as a result of positive investor reaction.

CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, two of the most popular cryptocurrency tracker sites, have both announced that they would add IBAT to their respective databases. The price increase is another reaction to the news.

The listing of IBAT on the LBank centralized exchange is another step forward for the IBAT ecosystem as a whole. Popularity aside, LBank has daily trading volumes of over $1 billion, making it a top CEX. It is the fifteenth most active cryptocurrency exchange. Currently, there are over 7290 people who own IBAT tokens, and that figure is expected to rise when these new exchanges launch support.

Many in the cryptocurrency industry are optimistic that this will be the first of many listings on CEX for IBAT. Plus, IBAT has a lot of support from the community, so getting listed could bring in new, dedicated investors.



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Future Gains from the Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is a decentralized gaming network on the blockchain that stands apart from the competition. When compared to Axie Infinity, which was hacked earlier this year and caused a loss of over $600 million, it offers improved security and reliability.

The IBAT coin has sound tokenomics as well. Only 10 billion coins will ever be issued into circulation, with only 28 percent of those coins made accessible during the presale. It increases interest in the token, which could lead to price appreciation down the line.

Suresh Joshi, co-founder of Battle Infinity, has also given the community his vote of confidence by pointing to CoinSniper’s Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. Validation establishes the project’s credibility and inspires trust among backers.

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