Metaverse Stocks for 2022

07/04/2022By: L, Laura

The least volatile option for retail investors seeking to invest in the metaverse is to purchase metaverse stocks, investing in public companies whose business model or profitability is related to meta-border. The list comprises:


Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: FB) – In October, Mark Zuckerberg announced the company formerly known as Facebook Inc. would undergo a major rebranding and become Meta Platforms Inc. Since the announcement, Meta has released Horizon Worlds, a virtual reality metaverse platform. Meta’s Oculus Quest 2 VR headset was also one of the hottest gifts during the holidays. However, it remains to be seen if increased headset sales will lead to more Horizon Worlds users.


Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) – Microsoft is looking to find its metaverse niche in the professional world. The company plans to release Mesh for Microsoft Teams in 2022. The add-on to the popular video conferencing platform will allow individuals to generate personalized avatars and collaborate in a holographic 3D environment that transcends geographic boundaries. A key feature of Microsoft Mesh will be Holoportation, which is a tool that allows users to access the previously mentioned digital environment with a VR headset. The user appears as a digital lifelike representation of themselves with the ability to interact with team members as if they were in person. On February 2nd 2022, Business Insider released a report stating that Microsoft has stopped working on a retail-focused augmented reality headset with metaverse capabilities due to “a lack of a unified strategy.” How this development impacts it’s business-facing metaverse endeavors remains to be seen.


Boeing (NYSE: BA) – Boeing is using the metaverse to expand and improve production capabilities. In an interview with Reuters, Greg Hyslop, Boeing’s chief engineer, said that the plane maker is planning to create a proprietary digital environment where its human, computer and robot employees can communicate and collaborate seamlessly across the world.


Roblox (NYSE: RBLX) – Roblox is an online metaverse platform that allows gamers to create virtual worlds and share them with other Roblox users. Roblox has grown rapidly since its inception in 2006, with 9.5 million independent developers, 24 million unique digital experiences and 49.4 million daily active users, a 35% year-over-year increase. Nevertheless, regardless of these numbers, the company has yet to achieve profitability.