The new version of BTCC has been released.


Dear BTCC user,
To ensure that you can use the BTCC APP regularly, we recommend that you go to the APP Store/Google Play to upgrade the APP to the latest version 5.6.4 of BTCC as soon as possible.
If you do not upgrade, some functions will be unavailable.


The following is a brief introduction of the BTCC 5.6.4 upgrade function:

1. New "Bonus" system

What is a bonus?
"Bonus" is a reward mechanism given by BTCC to all users. BTCC launches various activities from time to time.
As long as the user actively participates and meets the requirements of the activity, the corresponding bonus reward will be obtained, which will be added to the user's "Bonus" section in the form of USDT.

How to use the bonus?
(1) There is no time limit for the usage of the bonus. The bonus can only be used as a deduction for the processing costs and subsidies for the number of losses incurred during actual transactions; 
(2) Unused bonuses cannot be withdrawn and exchanged for other currencies, and the withdrawal fees are not included in the items that can be deducted from the bonus;
(3) If there is an unused bonus in your account, it is recommended that you start an actual transaction and use the bonus reward mechanism to reduce your transaction costs and increase returns;
(4) If your withdrawal is successful, the unused bonus will be cleared; if the withdrawal fails, the deducted bonus will be returned to the BTCC account's bonus amount;
(5) When the user performs currency exchange, the unused bonus will not be deducted, and the bonus amount will not be affected.


2. BTCC Black Friday event, get up to 200USDT.