Notice of suspension of service for customers in Indonesia and Pakistan


Dear BTCC users,


In wake of local laws, regulations and policies in Indonesia and Pakistan, BTCC will no longer provide users in the two aforementioned countries/regions with account opening, login, KYC, as well as all services such as deposits and withdrawals, deposits and transactions.

If you belong to the following:

1. Users who use Indonesian and Pakistani identity certificates to complete KYC;

2. Users who use mobile phones in Indonesia and Pakistan to open an account;

3. Users who use the Internet in Indonesia and Pakistan to use BTCC services;

4. Other user accounts related to Indonesia and Pakistan.

Please withdraw all the funds from your account before Monday (UTC+0), 2021/11/21 16:00:00, the date of suspension of service.

BTCC will no longer provide any services to the aforementioned users after the service is terminated. 

BTCC will not process withdrawal applications afterwards if the withdrawals haven't been completed before the end of the service.