Notice Regarding the Upcoming Ethereum London Hard Fork


Dear BTCC users,

At block height 12,965,000, or approximately 2021-08-05 12:55 (UTC), the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain is scheduled to undergo the London Hard Fork.

Deposits and withdrawals of ETH and USDT ERC-20 will be suspended starting from 2021-08-05 8:30 (UTC+0) due to the Ethereum (ETH) network upgrade. BTCC will adjust the deposit and withdrawal suspension time based on the speed of the network and will be notified by another announcement.


During the ETH and ERC-20 suspension period, you can deposit USDT(Omni Chain) and BTC. Other activities, including trading of ETH/USDT will not be impacted.


This upgrade and maintenance will not affect the assets of BTCC users. Thank you for your support of BTCC!


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BTCC team