Weekly Recap and What to Watch for This Week

Last edited: Nov 22, 2021

Yet another typically volatile week in the crypto market, let us recap the performances of the major coins over the past 7 days.

BTC: $59,160.71 (-8.17% last 7 days)

Instead of jumping past the hurdle of the $70,000 price ceiling, BTC collapsed in the middle of this past week and never managed to climb back, and is now struggling to push past even the $60,000 mark. Holders will hope this week will be for the better, as BTC’s struggles usually send ripple waves across the entire market.

BTC price chart over the last 7 days (1 hour intervals)

ETH: $4,324.09 (-5.58% last 7 days)

ETH showed the same price trends as BTC, failing to clear the $5,000 dollar mark and instead tumbling all the way to slightly below $4,000 for a few hours in the middle of the week before climbing back to around $4,300. Buyers would aim for the $4,700 target price as the goal of the end of this week to come, and for ETH to try to break $5k during December.

ETH price chart over the last 7 days (1 hour intervals)

ADA: $1.834398 (-8.32% last 7 days)

As the hype around ADA’s hard fork dies down, so did its momentum in prices. ADA continues to struggle this week, down more than 8 percent, and cannot manage to claw back to the $3 mark that it was once promising to hit. Holders pray for an industry-wide rally because it seems like the coin could not get back to its former glory by itself.

ADA price chart over the last 7 days (1 hour intervals)

XRP: $1.0589 (-9.32% last 7 days)

XRP, replicating the putrid performances of BTC, ETH, and ADA, is also trending downwards, and at a higher percentage than any of the aforementioned 3 coins. XRP, after producing one of the biggest hypes in crypto history back in January 2018, has not been making strides in its prices, and is looked at as a coin with plenty of utility but not much upside in terms of price breakthroughs. It would realistically be settling at around the $1.1 to 1.3 price ranges by the end of this year.

XRP price chart over the last 7 days (1 hour intervals)

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