Thursday Breaking News: BTC to $200k in 2022?

Last edited: Dec 31, 2021

Fundstrat CEO and hedge fund manager Tom Lee claims that $200,000 price mark for BTC is a realistic goal to achieve in 2022.

In an interview with financial education firm MarketRebellion, Lee says that Bitcoin has overcame many obstacles throughout the years, and has always to stay afloat and come out on top at the end. Thus, he does not see why not BTC could sun run its way to an all new all-time high of $200,000.

“I think Bitcoin… I’m disappointed it didn’t exit 2021 higher. I mean, I think it’s still got a chance to get to rally because the S&P is rallying and so Bitcoin should move contemporaneously with that.

2022 should be a good year because the things that disrupted Bitcoin in 2021 — such as China essentially banning mining, trying to essentially ban Bitcoin — that would have been considered a crypto winter-like event and it didn’t kill Bitcoin.

So unless the US government bans Bitcoin next year, Bitcoin has already had some of the negative catalysts play out. So I think Bitcoin could do really well. Now, in terms of percentage upside, again I’m kind of disappointed. It didn’t reach $100,000 this year, but I think next year, you know, easily getting to the $100,000, but let’s say that it should have been $100,000 this year.

So maybe Bitcoin is, you know, in that $200,000 range. I mean, I think that’s achievable and I know it sounds fantastical, but it’s very useful. And if you don’t think crypto is that useful, it’s hard for anyone who’s based in America to appreciate how quickly trust in government can change.“ – Tom Lee, Dec. 23, 2021

Tom Lee’s last prediction did not meet his expectations. He predicted Bitcoin to reach $100,000 by the end of 2021, which looks like it will not be able to achieve this year. As a long-term BTC bullish investor, he also believes that BTC exchange-traded funds (ETF) could stimulate Bitcoin’s prices in the long run, even though current product offerings have not impressed the market at the moment.

BTC is up on the day, though it is still below the $50,000 mark. Here’s to hoping 2022 brings to us an even better crypto market.

BTC price chart over the past 24 hours (15-minute intervals)

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