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Morgan Stanley registered to invest in Bitcoin through dozens of hedge funds

Well-known Wall Street investment bank Morgan Stanley said in a filing dated April 1 that some of its institutional investors will likely promote investments in Bitcoin through paid futures contracts. with cash or the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust.

The filing names twelve funds, including Counterpoint Global, which reportedly are considering investing in Bitcoin as well as strategies for exposure to cryptocurrencies.

Excerpt from Morgan Stanley’s profile:

“Some designated Investment Funds may be exposed to Bitcoin indirectly through futures contracts paid for in cash or through the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (BTC) (” GBTC “), a means Investments privately provided for access to Bitcoin. In the case of an investment in Bitcoin or GBTC futures, the funds will work through a subsidiary, enjoying exemptions under the Cayman Islands law (per company ”). A fund does not have to always invest in Bitcoin. “

The profile also shows the extent to which each hedge fund has access, showing that up to 25% of their respective assets can be included in Bitcoin-related products.

“Each Advantage Catalog, Asian Opportunity Portfolio, Counterpoint Global Directory, Growth Opportunity Portfolio, etc. depending on their primary investment strategies, up to 25% of total assets can be invested in a wholly owned subsidiary, organized as a company under the law of the Cayman Islands, ”. Profiles for more. ” Each Subsidiary can invest in GBTC, cash – secured Bitcoin futures and other investments. “

Last month, Morgan Stanley revealed that it would begin providing private institutional clients with large amounts of money access to Bitcoin-related funds. At the same time, the asset management company sent a report to investors about cryptocurrency’s application as an emerging type of investable asset.

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