BTCC Product Updates – Adding More Security to Crypto Industry

Covid-19 has brought an unprecedented challenge to global finance in 2020. Central banks around the world have pumped trillions of dollars in an attempt to stimulate the economy.

Given the current economic situation, many investors were looking to convert their wealth to more liquid asset. Investors have gone from trading foreign currency and gold to trading cryptocurrencies now. The increase in number of crypto investors indicated that 2020 has made a breakthrough in financial derivative instruments. And BTCC succeeds again with futures contract.

This year, BTCC has upgraded its product and plan to expand globally. To fulfil its plan, BTCC now owns USA and Canada’s financial licenses. On 21 October, BTCC upgraded the app to 4.8.0 version. The upgrade is designed to provide better trading experience and security to users. BTCC added following 4 brand new features in the latest version.

1. Security Verification

To strengthen the security, you can set up 2-Step Verification with your email, cell phone number and google authenticator to protect and add an extra layer of security to your account. The app also adds a new setting called “”account center”” where it included “”verification””, “”account safety”” and “”trading setting””, so that you can set all the features above with only one click.

2. Profit and Loss Calculator

Before opening positions, you could use the profit and loss calculator to get an estimate of potential profit and loss. The calculator is designed to help trader to make an informed investment decision quickly.

3. Market Price Alert

You can receive a reminder when the price reached a predefined level. You can set up your own price spread alert, where you can get notification for the rise and fall in price. With this feature, you can manage the trading risk better when the market is in a constant state of flux.

4. Floating Window

You can add this plug-in for both IOS or android versions by choosing the product you want to trade. The floating window allow you to see the market fluctuations in your home screen so you can easily check market updates.

Apart from some of the important features mentioned above. When you sign up, the system will match your country code automatically. and are added as well, which is very convenient for new users to sign up. We also update the Korean translation in the latest version to make the trading experience better for users from Korea.

BTCC is committed to continuing to provide an exceptional trading experience for our users by improving features such as the operator interface, special features, and market depth …etc. With our effort and commitment, BTCC has becoming a leading cryptocurrency futures trading platform in the industry.

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