BTCC Milestones in 2020

2020 is a dramatic year for cryptocurrency industry. Bitcoin reached an all-time high of $28,000 in late December. The Bitcoin bull began from $24,000 on Christmas day and all the way to $28,000 within 36 hours. The price of BTC has undergone a great fluctuation over the year, where the lowest price level of BTC is trading around $3,600 in March.

The altcoin market also joins the run, with Ethereum surpassing over $700 for the first time in three years. For BTCC, the world’s longest running cryptocurrency exchange, has achieved milestones in many areas in the year of 2020!

Milestones in 2020

152 Billion USDT

Highest Daily Trading Volume on 14, March 2020

8,628 Billion USDT

Total Trading Volume


Percentage of Increase for Total Trading Volume


Orders Processed


Percentage of Increase for Registered Users


Number of Registered Users

BTCC offer 9 major cryptocurrencies, and offering 16 trading pairs with maximum of 150x leverage.

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